Welcome to the home base of Culture Connections, Ecuador.

We develop educational site visits for small groups interested and able to visit indigenous communities in the real world.

Whether exploring South America and the Andes vicariously from your living room in Anchorage, Alaska, planning a visit to Ecuador to learn more about Culture Connections Ecuador in general or specifically the indigenous cultures of southern Ecuador, or you live here and wish to better experience your neighborhood, this site is for you.

map_of_ecuadorEcuador quite accurately boasts “Todo del Mundo” or “All the World”. A very small country, 175,000 square miles, or about the size of Nevada, with about 15 million population (think Moscow, Istanbul, London or Los Angeles). This little country boasts 1,400 miles of Pacific coastline, excluding The Galapagos. (California – 840 miles); The high Andes, including Chimborazo, the highest mountain at 20, 564 feet and due to the bulge at the Equator, the longest distance from the center of the Earth; and “La Selva” or “The Jungle” of the Amazon Basin, containing large swaths of the largest rainforest on earth.

Our home is a little corner of the world that is contained in several of the southern provinces of Ecuador. The four main provinces we cover are Azuay and Cañar (the center of the Cañaris), Loja (home of the Saraguros) and Morona Santiago (the frontiers of the Shuar peoples). The story we wish to show and tell is that of rich traditions and ancient cultures, peoples whose languages, identity and traditions are struggling yet surviving and somehow accommodating themselves with success in an ever encroaching modern world.Austro

We invite all inquiries, whether it be regarding one of our popular site visits, a customized agenda suiting your specific needs, or general online inquiries about the state of things in our little corner of the world. As this map details, my interest is in the “Austro” and “southern Amazonia” regions

Our visits include all sorts of terrains, cuisines, difficulty levels, personal belongings, and other needs, personal interests and requirements. Due to this, we require prior communication to determine the best site visits to suit your needs. The best place to start this process is in the comments section of our ”Contact Us” tab.

This Home page is your doorway to Culture Connections Ecuador. Leave Home at the top of this page, but return Home anytime

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